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Beans from Abroad

Every aromatic Pierre Lotti coffee bean has been imported from various coffee counties wich fall within the 'bean belt'. Arabica coffee is cultivated in Latin America, Southeast Asia, and Africa and is by far the most popular variety because of its smooth taste and aromatic qualities. Basically, coffee berries are picked, processed, and then they're dried. The seeds are then roasted at temperatures around 200°C(392°F), during which the sugars in the bean caramelize, the bean changes colour, and the true flavour of the delicious drink we call coffee develops.

100% Pierre Blends

Indulge in the 100% pure pleasure of the smouldering full-bodied aroma, extracted from the finest quality beans from around the world, to create the perfect cup of arabica coffee.

Every 100% Pierre Coffee pack is fitted with an ingenious one-way valve to seal in and preserve the quality, aroma and freshness of our product. This packaging innovation prevents the freshness of our product. The packaging innovation prevents our freshly roasted ground coffee being exposed to oxygen, which can dilute the flavour intensity of the product. So you can enjoy the supreme freshness in every cup of 100% Pierre Filter Coffee.

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