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Understanding the imperative role of flavour and aroma of any coffee, we keep things fresh and roast on client’s demand. We’re only as good as our latest batch of freshly ground coffee – thus Pierre Lotti guarantees the best quality coffee or beans with each delivery. Our service is best served piping hot, and we undertake each delivery with the greatest precision and punctuality. Within our range of popular brand, every pack - whether it be beans or grinded, will carry consistency in flavour, aroma and overall quality. You can expect nothing less than 100% Pierre Coffee.

Back In the Day

The Pierre Lotti brand, established in 2004, rapidly became a well-known name amongst coffee connoisseurs. The name itself was chosen for its foreign French flair and associates our supreme products with the perfection & fine taste which the French are so famous for. Even though our name has a nice ring to it, it all boils down to our immaculate coffee. With vast knowledge and technical expertise gained from 30 years of experience in the local and international coffee industries, our brew master and personnel are masters in their trade. We know what it takes to make an exceptional cup of coffee.

Our Secret

The finest selection of coffee beans are imported from various ‘coffee belt’ countries abroad to finally reach their destination at our factory in Pretoria, Gauteng. Needless to say Pierre Lotti’s coffee perfection can only be achieved with the finest equipment – each machine is carefully selected to ultimately deliver the highest quality products during all stages of production. Advanced technology allows our specialist brew master to select the best conditions for roasting coffee beans whilst performing regular quality checks to ensure that all beans have been roasted equally and sufficiently to achieve certain aromas and flavours. Our grinder utilises the well-known ‘La Page’ cut grinding rollers to prevent dust formation which in turn can clog coffee machines during brewing.

We're Focused

Pierre Lotti’s primary focus is superior quality, freshness and aroma throughout the duration of roasting and grinding the beans. Our packs are fitted with one-way valves to lock in and preserve our product’s carefully developed flavours and aromas. Prompt service delivery and seamless production lines ensure that clients receive accurate deliveries on time. Our clients are guaranteed of our 100% Pierre Lotti coffee quality, from beans to machines to the very last steaming cup.
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